Peter Aers, Vooruit-stadsresident, studeerde filosofie in Gent en Genève en theater in Brussel. Via verschillende oefeningen, gesprekken en voorstellen plaatst hij de dialoog met het publiek centraal. Met de gespreksperformances onderzoekt hij hoe we kunnen spreken in een gemeenschap en de rol van macht in dit spreken.

Performance artist based in Ghent. Obtained a M.A. in Philosophy at Ghent University and studied the Jacques Lecoq method of acting at de Kleine Academie, Brussels. 

Over the last three years Peter Aers has developed 'Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought', a series of conversational performances which deal with power in communities, crime and punishment, and how we think about the future. Central to his process of creation as well as the performances themselves, are the people who take part, how they choose to communicate, and the relationship between these individuals and the community they are part of. 

Aers has worked with amateur performers, homeless people, prisoners, and schoolchildren, among others. He is a long-term collaborator of Spanish artist Dora Garcia, having worked with her on several performances staged in many institutions, including at the Venice Biennial. In 2013 he worked with Tijs Ceulemans and Leentje Vandenbussche on  'X / An Exercise in Disappearing’, a multilayered process-lead project which dealt with notions of death and dying through personal embedding in palliative care, performances, lectures, interviews and a book.

The Pain of Others is het vierde deel van de reeks Everything Depends on How a Thing is Thought, waar de verhouding van het individu tot de gemeenschap centraal staat. De drie andere delen (Crime and Punishment, On Future & Against Interpretation) waren vorig seizoen in KAAP te zien.